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Mascot Submission

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

UA-PTC Students

UA - Pulaski Tech is crowd-sourcing submissions for a College mascot and name. Our top three submissions (as voted on by students, employees, and community members) for the design round are:

  • UA-PTC Diamond Dogs
  • UA-PTC Falcons
  • UA-PTC Honey Bees

The UA-PTC Mascot Committee’s objective is to design a mascot and mascot name that symbolizes the College, and its community, geography, and values to foster UA-PTC spirit and pride. If you are interested in submitting a design, please read the guidelines and official rules below.

Submission Guidelines

1. Submissions are due no later than Friday, Dec. 3 at 11:59 p.m.

2. Entries must follow the contest Design Guidelines.

3. Entrants may submit only ONE (1) mascot design.

4. Each entry should include the following:

  • signed acknowledgement of the rules
  • artwork/design/name of design
  • name and contact information
  • a brief description or rationale explaining the entry

5. Entries must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] with subject line: UA-PTC Mascot Entry_FirstName_LastName. When submitting your entry, please explain which Mascot the artwork designed: Diamond Dogs, Falcons, or Honey Bees

Design Guidelines

1. Mascot artwork/design should be original work only. Clip art images/illustrations are not permitted.

2. Mascot artwork/design may be created in any medium, including, but not limited to, pen, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, etc.

3. Mascot artwork/design should be able to be manipulated in regard to size, being legible both very large and very small (1 inch).

4. Mascot artwork/design should be designed on a square art board.

5. Mascot artwork/design should not exceed a maximum of three colors.

UA-PTC colors are as follows:

RGB: Red: #a61e36 Blue: #212c64

PMS: Red: 201 Blue: 2766

6. Designs will be accepted in the following formats: TIFF, GIF, PNG, and PDF with a resolution of 600 dpi.

Name Guidelines

1. Mascot name may be incorporated into the design or listed separately in the e-mail.

2. Name suggestions should not include established product, services, character or mascot names (e.g., Buc-ees, Elmo)

Additional Guidelines

1. Entrant may NOT post their submissions on public sharing websites, such as; Facebook, Instagram, etc. until an official winner has been announced by UA-PTC. Violators will be disqualified.

2. Nudity (implied or actual), drug paraphernalia or other non\family friendly Mascot design submissions will be removed from the competition. Any entries deemed inappropriate by the Mascot Committee will be removed from the competition.

Official Rules

1. I am a legal adult, 18 years or older.

2. I am the sole creator of the mascot artwork/design/name which I am submitting.

3. My mascot artwork/design/name is a completely original work and has not been copied from some other source.

4. My mascot artwork/design/name is not obscene or libelous and does not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party.

5. I agree to transfer to the College all rights to my mascot artwork/design/name should it be chosen without any expectation of compensation or any other form of recompense.

6. I agree and understand that the College may use, publish or display my mascot artwork/design/name in any way it sees fit and in any medium it chooses.

7. I understand and agree that the mascot artwork/design/name will not be returned to me.

8. If my mascot artwork/design/name is selected I understand and agree that the College may register it for any trademark, service mark, or copyright purposes (at the College’s sole expense and the College shall solely own such registration)

9. I give the College permission to publicize or make known my name and photograph for promotional purposes, without compensation, in connection with the contest and my mascot artwork/design/name.

10. I understand that I will not receive any money, payment, royalties or compensation of any kind from the College for my mascot artwork/design/name or for all the rights to the mascot artwork/design/name.

11. If my mascot artwork/design/name is selected as a winning entry, I agree to complete, sign, and execute any other documents reasonably necessary or reasonably requested by the College.

12. I understand that my mascot artwork/design/name may be disqualified by the College pursuant to the Rules and Guidelines.

13. I agree to indemnify and hold the College harmless against any claim demand, fine, penalty, judgment, loss, expense or liability that may be made against or incurred by the College by reason of the failure or falsity of any of the representations and warranties made, including, but not limited to, all costs, expenses, and legal fees.

14. I understand and agree that if any one portion of this Agreement is found to be unforeseeable or prohibitive, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

15. I understand and agree that this Agreement shall be binding on the successors, heirs, assigns, and representatives of the parties.

16. I understand and agree that this Agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of the State of Arkansas.

Winner Notification

The winner will be notified via e-mail message through the email provided by the submission and by phone at the phone number provided. Winner will also be announced on the College website, social media pages and other media outlets.