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Name and Logo Usage Policy

Saturday, December 02, 2023


As of Feb. 1, 2017 the official name of the educational institution formerly known as Pulaski Technical College has changed. The official name and its abbreviations are as follows:

  1. University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College
  2. University of Arkansas - Pulaski Tech
  3. UA - Pulaski Tech
  4. UA-PTC

Note that in the first three examples the “UA” and “Pulaski Tech” parts of the name are separated by a hyphen. There is a space before and after the hyphen. The all-initials version contains no spaces.


The UA-PTC logo is the primary graphical identifier for the college. Consistency in its use is vital to the college’s brand identity. Logos must be approved for each and all uses as it is the symbol of the college and must remain as a set graphic standard.

Logo users are required to follow the below guidelines:

  • Do not stretch, distort, colorize, filter or attempt to recreate it in any way unless approved by the UA - Pulaski Tech office of Public Relations and Marketing prior to publication.
  • The logo may not be rearranged in any way or have graphics or words added to it.
  • Logos may not be used on any materials deemed inappropriate by the UA - Pulaski Tech office of Public Relations and Marketing.
  • Use of the logo must be approved by PR and Marketing office personnel.


Red: #a61e36
Blue: #212c64

Red: 201
Blue: 2766

For more information:

For clarification regarding the appropriate use of the logo or other questions, contact the Public Relations and Marketing office.

Logo Download:

To download an EPS version of the logo, click one of the following packages:

Horizontal (ZIP file)

Vertical (ZIP file)

To download a logo below, click the desired logo and a large JPG version will appear.