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Integrated Planning

Sunday, October 24, 2021
UA-PTC assesses its institutional effectiveness through planning practices that link the processes of planning, budget, assessment and evaluation to one another through a cycle of assessment, priorities and objectives, program unit/review, resource allocation, plan implementation, and re-assessment.

The College’s integrated planning cycle is purposefully designed to evidence UA-PTC’s commitment to systemically improving its performance and achieving its mission.

As such, all programs and units at UA-PTC are expected to:

  • Plan and document clearly stated measurable outcomes
  • Collect and use evidence to improve student learning and/or operational effectiveness
  • Engage faculty and/or staff in the planning and assessment processes
  • Submit plans and reports in Nuventive Improve on an annual basis

UA-PTC has developed and adopted the Plan, Implement, Evaluate or PIE process to guide its institutional effectiveness activities and continuous quality improvement efforts.

  • Identify expected outcomes
  • Establish specific measures for each outcome
  • Identify specific activities and timelines to achieve outcomes


  • Carry out planned activities
  • Collect data and monitor progress


  • Analyze collected data
  • Evaluate the success of the activities
  • Use evaluation to modify or create new plan
  • Report results