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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

history club

Department Mission Statement

University of Arkansas – Pulaski Technical College’s Social and Behavioral Sciences Department provides access to high-quality education that promotes student learning and enables individuals to develop to their fullest potential.

Academic Degrees Offered

Associate of Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Cost of Attendance

Campus Tuition and Fees

Student Life

History Club

Possible professions in the area:

  • Museums and Historical Organizations
  • Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
  • Think Tanks
  • Education
  • Writers and Editors
  • Journalists
  • Documentary Editors
  • Producers of Multimedia Material
  • Archivists
  • Records managers
  • Librarians
  • Information Managers
  • Litigation Support
  • Legislative Staff Work
  • Foundations
  • Historians in Corporations
  • Contract Historians
  • Historians and Nonprofit Associations

2+2 Agreements

BA History
BS History

UA Little Rock
BA History


Brenda Bradley
Instructor of History
M.S.E. in History

Areas of interest: World Civilizations, United States History, and Arkansas History

Allan Lemmon
Instructor of Anthropology and History
M.A. Anthropology

Areas of interest: Historical ethnography, colonialism, and social memory

Dorothy Martin
Instructor of History
M.A. in History

Areas of interest: Ancient and Classical History

Dr. Jason Martin
Instructor of History
PhD in U.S. History
M.A. in History
B.A. in History and International Affairs

Areas of interest: U.S. Military Twentieth Century American society, Cold War, and technology

Melissa Paige Redd
Instructor of History
M.A. History
B.A. History

Areas of interest: United States Military History

Samantha Staggs
Instructor of Political Science and History
M.A. History from the University of Mississippi

Areas of interest: Constitutional law.

Rebecca Stone
Instructor of History
M.A. in History
B.A. in History
B.A. in English

Areas of interest: Soviet Russia and post-Soviet collapse, History of the Roman Catholic Church, History of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska, Veterans in American History

Community engagement: Co-Chair of region 8 National History Day in Arkansas Veterans History Project in Central Arkansas
Professional Organizations: Phi Alpha Theta, American Historical Association