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Saturday, December 02, 2023
Faculty Receive National Credential in Teaching Excellence

Faculty Receive National Credential in Teaching Excellence

August 23, 2022

Faculty members at University of Arkansas Pulaski Technical College were recognized for earning a nationally recognized teaching credential co-endorsed by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) and the American Council on Education (ACE) at the college’s annual faculty-staff convocation on Aug. 15. Faculty demonstrated their commitment to student success by completing a rigorous, evidence based, 25-week course that engages instructors with independently validated research to improve student achievement and close equity gaps. ACUE is the only nationally-recognized higher education teaching credential endorsed by the American Council on Education.

“The ACUE curriculum has a proven track record of increasing student success,” said UA-PTC Interim Chancellor Ana Hunt. “Our faculty are equipped with instructional skills that are shown to promote student motivation, learning and persistence.”

The annual event was the first in-person convocation since before the pandemic, so faculty and staff were assembled to witness their colleagues getting recognized for their participation in ACUE coursework.

Credentialed Faculty Members

  • Darin Archer
  • Danah Beard
  • Amanda Bishop
  • Justin Bryant
  • Shannon Burchfield
  • Leon Chang Shik
  • Kelly Charleville
  • Rena Exson-Stevenson
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Kyle Johnston
  • Weeda Jones
  • Chocla Lee
  • Allen Lobiner-Waitkus
  • Donna Mallett
  • Jessica Mathisen
  • Bryce Miller
  • Tanielle Price
  • Teresa Rogers
  • Thomas Russell
  • Jamie Ryan
  • Marquis Thompson
  • Deborly Wade
  • Chris Weaver
  • Darrellyn Williams
  • Leigh Ann Wilson
  • Amber Wolf.

“The enthusiasm of our faculty for earning ACUE credentials attests to their commitment to student success,” said ACUE Coordinator Kirsten Heinz. “Between the main course and the micro-credentials available to both faculty and staff, we are seeing tremendous momentum.”

To earn their Certificate in Effective College Instruction, faculty members completed a 25-module course that requires them to learn about and implement new evidence-based teaching practices in their courses and reflect on the experience. Aligned with the latest research in cognition and adult learning, ACUE’s courses address over 200 evidence-based teaching practices, covering how to design an effective course, establish a productive learning environment, use active learning techniques, promote higher order thinking and utilize assessments to inform instruction and promote learning.

Faculty will continue to learn about pedagogy and receive career-long support through ACUE’s Community of Professional Practice, which provides access to member forums, expert webinars, biweekly newsletters, the ‘Q’ Blog, and “office hours” with leading scholars in college instruction.

Promoting Active Learning Micro Credential

  • Vondra Armstrong
  • Jennifer Atkins-Gordeeva
  • Rob Best
  • Katie Carr
  • Kelley Cowley
  • Kate Evans
  • Kiki Heintz
  • April Hearne
  • Mandy Hill
  • Mindy Hodges
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Kyle Johnston
  • Traci Johnston
  • Angela Kremers
  • Lindsay Kullenberg
  • George Lauster
  • Deena Martin
  • Logan Oliver
  • Helen Elizabeth Peters
  • Jamie Ryan
  • David Stafford
  • Sam Staggs
  • Meredith Stanton
  • Kate Terrell
  • Shannon Vaughn
  • Shannon Wilcox
  • Darrellyn Williams
  • Jessica Wise

Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning Micro Credential

Spring Completers

  • JoNece Fields
  • Michele Grainger
  • Mayo Johnson
  • Terri Johnson
  • Tim Jones
  • Kim Kwee
  • John Lewis
  • Jason McFadden
  • Richard Moss
  • Julia Ramey
  • Eugene Rathfon
  • Deann Smith
  • Jacob Standley
  • Shanda Daniel
  • Sharee Young

Summer Completers

  • Jennifer Atkins Gordeeva
  • Matthew Coulter
  • Robert Dixon
  • Rena Exon-Stevenson
  • Robert Hall
  • Kirsten Heintz
  • Tammy Hull-Richardson
  • Joseph John
  • Lindsay Kullenberg
  • Leslie O'Malley
  • Helen Peters
  • Jamie Ryan
  • Alexandria Spadaro
  • David Stafford
  • Meredith Stanton
  • Rebecca Dover
  • Kate Terrell

About ACUE: The Association of College and University Educations (ACUE) is the nation’s leading provider of professional development to higher education. ACUE’s mission is student success through quality instruction. Through innovative online courses, ACUE prepares and credentials faculty in evidence-based teaching practices. ACUE’s standards-based approach leads to the only nationally recognized Certificate in Effective Instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). Numerous, independently validated studies confirm that students learn more, more equitably, when taught by ACUE-credentialed educators. ACUE supports thousands of educators nationwide through partnerships with colleges, universities, and higher education systems and directly to educators through open enrollment offerings. To learn more, visit

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