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Ceremony Information

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

CAP AND GOWN PICK-UP: Your cap and gown will be available for pick up at the end of the Spring semester in the UA-PTC Bookstore located in the Campus Center Building in North Little Rock. Please bring a photo ID such as your Student Identification card or Driver’s License when you come to pick up your cap and gown.

HOW TO DRESS: The style of dress to be worn with the cap and gown is dressy for the ladies and slacks and light colored dress shirt with a collar for men. Dark colored dress shoes should be worn. NO shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes or jeans.

CAP AND GOWN CARE: The gown should be removed from the package in advance and placed on a hanger so wrinkles will shake out. If necessary, the gown may be pressed carefully with an iron on the lowest setting. DO NOT EMBELLISH CAPS OR GOWNS with decorations, writings, or other items other than the honors cord (if applicable), the Phi Theta Kappa stole (if applicable), or the stole of gratitude. Students wearing decorated caps and gowns will be asked to change into appropriate regalia before being allowed to walk out with the graduating class.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations or information on accessibility should contact Disability Services Office at (501) 812-2738 or [email protected].

PHI THETA KAPPA (PTK): If you are a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, you are allowed to wear an extra stole and replace your tassel with the PTK tassel. Please be aware that the College does NOT provide these items to you. PTK stoles and tassels must be purchased from the organization.

Ceremony Instructions

ARRIVAL: Graduates are asked to arrive an hour early to allow plenty of time to park and move into the arena. Make sure you have the following:

  • Cap
  • Gown
  • Tassel
  • Honors cords*
  • Stoles of Gratitude will be given to graduates at check-in

* For the purposes of the commencement exercises and the printed program, honors and highest honors are calculated based on the cumulative GPA for the last semester completed. This means that for a student graduating in May, semester grades from the current spring semester are not included in the cumulative GPA. To receive the honors classification, the cumulative GPA must be between 3.5 and 3.99; to receive the highest honors classification, the cumulative GPA must be 4.0.

Be certain to make a plan with your guests about where to meet outside of Simmons Bank Arena after the ceremony. Simmons Bank Arena policy does NOT allow for re-entry into the arena after exiting at the conclusion of the ceremony. Also, children are not allowed in the graduate area and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Do not bring any personal items inside the arena. There is no secure place for you to leave personal belongings within the arena. NO cell phones or purses on the arena floor. Give them to your family or guest or lock them in the trunk of your car.

CHECK-IN: Come to the Box Office entrance of Simmons Bank Arena on E. Washington St. When you arrive you will be directed to check-in. You will be given a name card - hold on to this card! You must hand it to the announcer before you cross the stage so that he or she can call out your name. You will then be directed to the staging area to line up. Do not leave the check-in area after you have signed in. Once a graduate has checked-in, they are expected to remain for the entire ceremony.

LINE UP: You will be lined up in two columns according to the highest level degree you are being awarded and in alphabetical order. The floor directors will lead you onto the arena floor. Please remember to move quickly to your chair and stand directly in front of it so those who are directing can move everyone in without delay. Please remain standing until after the National Anthem and you are asked to be seated.

CEREMONY: Floor directors will guide your row to the stage when it is your turn to receive your diploma cover. You will walk up the ramp, hand your name card to the announcer at the first podium, walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover and shake hands. Proceed down the ramp and back to your seat. All graduates are expected to remain for the entire ceremony.

RECESSIONAL: When it is time to leave the ceremony, everyone on the stage will leave first. Floor directors will let students know when to leave. Students will proceed out of the same tunnel they entered to check-in. Please plan to meet your guests outside the arena. Simmons Bank Arena policy does NOT allow for re-entry into the arena after exiting at the conclusion of the ceremony.

After the Ceremony

STOLE OF GRATITUDE: At check-in, each graduate will be given a stole of gratitude to wear during the ceremony. After the ceremony, there will be pens available for graduates to sign their stoles so they may be presented to an individual that provided support during the student’s education.

DIPLOMAS: Graduate’s diplomas will be mailed to the address on file 6–8 weeks after the ceremony.

  • Please update your address with Records so your diploma will not be delayed.
  • If you owe a balance to the Business Office your diploma cannot be released.
  • Students who do not complete all of the course requirements by August will need to re-apply for graduation. Attending the ceremony does not complete the requirements for graduation.