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Alumni Spotlight: Christianna Braddix

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Alumni Spotlight: Christianna Braddix

Christianna Braddix

Christianna Braddix graduated from UA-PTC in 2010 earning her Associate of Arts degree. She currently is employed as an Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Marketing at the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau.

She said, "UA-PTC helped prepare me for this role and for life by providing courses in budgeting, etiquette, and how to write goals for myself and for my career. UA-PTC helped me out of my shell with their caring instructors. I am so grateful for UA-PTC. It was the perfect school for me, and the perfect transition from high school to college."

Christianna would tell students: "Do not stress over what to do for the rest of your life. Pick a balance of courses that interest you and will benefit you in a wide range of careers, such as coding, speaking/presentation skills, and marketing."

When asked why she chose UA-PTC, she said, "I chose UA-PTC because it was close to home, I wasn't ready to live on campus somewhere, and because I earned a full-ride scholarship. I loved the smaller size of the campus. It was easy for me to come on campus, take care of business, and then leave. Lastly, it was easy to get help through all stages of the college experience, from registering, enrolling in courses, to accessing tutoring and support from staff and faculty."

She's happily married, with three children, and has embarked on what will be an amazing career.

The Alumni Association is proud of Christianna's dedication and hard work. Thank you, Christianna, for trusting UA-PTC to prepare you for your career.