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ACUE Focus: KiKi Heintz

Sunday, February 25, 2024

More than 153 UA - Pulaski Technical College faculty have improved their teaching practices through a program with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). This rigorous, evidence based, 25-week course engages instructors with independently validated research to improve student achievement and close equity gaps. ACUE Focus is a question and answer series where faculty share their experiences with ACUE.

KiKi Heintz

KiKi Heintz
Associate Teaching Professor of Speech Communication, Department of Languages and Communication
Education: M.Ed. University of Arkansas at Little Rock; M.A. University of Arkansas at Little Rock; B.A. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

1. What ACUE Cohort were you a part of?

I was part of the first UA-PTC ACUE Cohort in 2018.

2. What do you teach and how do you think you benefited from the ACUE course?

I teach speech communication. There were so many benefits I got out of ACUE but most importantly, it helped me improve and modify my current teaching practices. Since I have completed the ACUE course in 2018, I have gone on to be an editor for ACUE modules, UA-PTC ACUE Cohort Facilitator, interviewed and featured as a ACUE facilitator resource on ACUE website, and a ACUE National Reader.

3. Best thing you learned from ACUE?

It is hard to say one thing because I loved everything about the course but if I had to narrow it down it would be Think-Pair-Share, welcoming students, connecting them to resources and checking for understanding

4. Do you think your students benefited from you taking the ACUE course and if so, how?

Yes, my students benefit daily in the classroom and online from me having completed the ACUE course, each of the 25 modules offered so much insight. I think it shows in my course evaluations, course success rates, retention rates and student referrals.

5. What was your favorite module in ACUE?

My favorite ACUE module was “Connecting with Students”. I truly believe if you connect with students from the beginning and they know you care they are more often than not going to stay in your class and come to you for help.