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Academic Success

Friday, November 24, 2017


The Division of Academic Success promotes and supports student success through a variety of courses, educational services, and curriculum initiatives. The mission of Academic Success Division is to meet the academic needs of students by preparing them for college and personal success. We seek to build a strong academic foundation in the core subjects of reading, writing, and mathematics and offer additional courses to develop effective collegiate endeavors and career skills.

The curriculum of reading, writing, and mathematics courses within the division is streamlined for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Courses are delivered in accelerated, modularized, and co-requisite formats to ensure students who need developmental education can complete these courses in as little as a one-semester term. We realize that every student is different; hence, the goal of the division is to respond to individual learning styles and needs among the diverse student population of the institution.

The Academic Success Division also houses the Learning Assistance Center (LAC). The Learning Assistance Center seeks to help students become engaged and empowered learners. It offers a range of services that include one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing, mathematics, and other subjects. The LAC also offers an open computer lab space for students who need computer support.

The Dean of the Academic Success Division is located in the Campus Center Building, 3rd floor, room 337. The Coordinator of the Learning Assistance Center is located in the Campus Center Building, 3rd floor, room 306.


Becca Chism, Interim Dean of Academic Success (501) 812-2331