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Purchasing Card Compliance

Monday, April 22, 2019

P-Card Compliance Update

The Cardholder and Supervisor are responsible for applying all of the rules related to the Arkansas Purchasing Card Program and the UA-PTC policy. The Supervisor must sign the P-Card Transaction Log. For additional information, please refer to P-Card Manual. Misuse of the card will subject the Cardholder to disciplinary action and/or reimbursement in accordance with this policy. Non-compliance and violations may result in one or more of the following: verbal or written warnings; 30-day suspension or cancellation of the P-Card; additional training and up to termination.

P-Card Non-Allowable and Unauthorized Purchases

There are items that may not be purchased with the P-Card due to existing state contracts, restrictions, and College policy. See P-Card Non Allowable Uses List and the Credit Card Matrix for an inclusive list of items. The P-Card is not to be used for travel, cash and other categories included in the Blocked Merchant Category Code (MCC) list.

Receipts Required

One must obtain and secure detailed itemized receipts, sales slips or invoices as official supporting documentation to all purchases made in person, via telephone, facsimile, postal service or online.

Late P-Card Transaction Log

Transaction logs should be submitted by the appointed date provided by Accounts Payable; please refer to the US Bank Calendar.